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Evanston, Illinois
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State Advocacy:
Contact your state legislators to advocate for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Illinois.

Sample Letters:
(Click link to view letter as a pdf)

Letter to State Senator Daniel Biss
Letter to Rep. Robyn Gabel

National Advocacy:
Contact Illinois senators and your representative in Washington, DC to encourage them to co-sponsor the Mental Health in Schools Act introduced by Senator Al Franken and Representative Grace Napolitano. The Mental Health in Schools Act has been supported by many advocacy and professional organizations, including Mental Health America.

Mental Health in Schools Act
(Click link to view letter as a pdf)

Letter re: Mental Health in Schools Act

The Mental Health America North Shore has speakers available on various subjects, including mental health and social-emotional wellness, gang violence, depression, suicide prevention, social-emotional learning (SEL), substance abuse prevention and counseling, teen issues, neurobiological disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and other disorders, and the stigma often attached to mental health treatment. Other topics include: Abuse, Anxiety/Stress, Body Image, Bullying and Gang Violence, Cutting/Self-Harm, Depression, Grief and Loss, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders, Secrets, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and other concerns of teens and young adults.