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2120 Lincoln Street
Evanston, Illinois
(847) 328-6198


What We Do: The Mental Health America North Shore (MHANS) is committed to promoting social-emotional wellness and fighting the stigma of mental illness so people can get the help they need.

Promoting Social-Emotional Wellness
MHANS is working to change negative attitudes about mental health and social-emotional wellness.

Dispelling Stigma
Mental illness is shrouded in stigma. MHANS is working to change public and corporate policies and the attitudes of our nation's opinion leaders and the public toward persons with mental and emotional disorders

MHANS projects include:
Education - Developing an original brochure for children ages 6 through 9, explaining some common symptoms of depression in easy-to-understand language and encouraging them to seek help.
Download a copy here - English | Spanish

Anti-Stigma Banners - Sponsoring a street banner campaign to dispel stigma (The sunshine design at left which says "Mental Health is for Everyone" is also the current banner design).

Partnerships - Building networks between community mental health providers and schools.

Training - Workshops for teachers and social service staff on the prevention, early identification and treatment of depression, suicide prevention, bipolar disorder and other emotional disorders.

Teen Outreach - Conducting an annual teen writing competition as a "barometer of teen stress and mental health on the North Shore."

Television - Multi-media outreach/video library on depression, drug and alcohol abuse treatment, bipolar disorder, suicide, trauma and violence.

Speakers Bureau - Presentations for groups and businesses on mental health topics.

Legislation - Advocating for state and national mental health insurance parity and fair treatment of persons with mental illness. Advising people of their insurance rights under the state's new mental health insurance act, P.A. 94-0402.

Emphasis Newsletter - Publishing MHANS newsletter and mailing it out to individuals and organizations throughout the community.

Services Referral/Resources - 847-328-6198

MHANS educates and advocates for:

  • Increased housing options
  • Expanded community prevention, early intervention and treatment programs
  • Added research on brain development
  • Strengthening the Americans With Disabilities Act.

MHANS makes advocacy easy by keeping track of the issues, providing simple, but effective ways to make a difference, forming coalitions, meeting with legislators, writing letters and making phone calls.


The Mental Health America North Shore has speakers available on various subjects, including mental health and social-emotional wellness, gang violence, depression, suicide prevention, social-emotional learning (SEL), substance abuse prevention and counseling, teen issues, neurobiological disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and other disorders, and the stigma often attached to mental health treatment. Other topics include: Abuse, Anxiety/Stress, Body Image, Bullying and Gang Violence, Cutting/Self-Harm, Depression, Grief and Loss, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders, Secrets, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and other concerns of teens and young adults.